We've been around since 2012.

Founded in 2012 by Alexander Parker, Atomicus set out to give a bunch of wannabe creatives a platform to showcase their talent and explore new ideas. Now the company has developed into an artistic force in it's own right. With no medium too challenging, our future is committed to two principals:

To expand and to entertain.

WE make films.

Whether you're looking for a simple piece to camera or a full blown theatrical trailer we can help you tell your story. From a swift editing job to a multi-camera event shoot, we have the skills and the experience you're looking for.

Previous clients include V Festival, Director Magazine, Tall Stories Theatre and The Institute of Directors.


Our mission on theatre is simple.

One: We take big shows and boil them down to their bare bones, giving audiences a chance to see productions with which they consider themselves familiar in an entirely new perspective. 

Two: We produce the latest, most exciting work by new writers on a professional scale. Providing a showcase for original material whilst never skimping on the entertainment factor.

WE make more FILMs.

"Film is an imperfect medium, constantly reinventing itself in pursuit of that perfection."

Atomicus is committed to becoming a part of that journey, always ensuring that we never abandon the full visual potential that film has to offer, continuing to produce short films that engage and absorb as well as entertain.